Bio diversity for ExploreAT

ExploreAT is an ongoing pan-european project that aims to reveal unique insights into the rich texture of the German Language, by exploring the potential of collaborative and multidisciplinary Lexicography. The prototype above is my contribution to the collective effort.  The prototype aims to define the needs of the European eLexicographical community, by recording the interaction paths taken by professional users as they interact with the database of the Bavarian dialect in Austria.

Coordinators and other collaborators:

KnowY – health and fitness tracking app

KnowY helps evaluate health and fitness choices via a powerful combination of concise questionnaires and data analysis. KnowY emphasizes finite trials limited to relevant data, thus helping users to evaluate the components of their fitness routine individually.


KnowY was founded by Mike Fayer

Kleio Flashcards

A cloud-driven mobile eLearning app. It allows students to create flashcards on mobiles and desktops, to exchange content, sync and study online with an adaptive learning system.

  • A case study of different user profiles and scenarios
  • Editing the myriad of the app’s capabilities according to use cases and devices
  • Highlighting the app’s social capacities
  • Creating a distinct visual identity while incorporating the restrictions of different devices
The process started with a critical review of the existing app’s functionality, resulting in an overall UI and UX redesign. The collaborative process with the client and the developing team produced a cross platform flexible set of tools that offers users the benefits of an automatized spaced repetition technique while allowing a high degree of rationalization.

Created in 2014

in Collaboration with Mike Fayer and Lihie Jacob

Web Design

A verity of websites I designed over the years. For Individuals, small businesses  and big organizations Some live examples can be found here: ORS collection, Upside, Gaia Club, Adva Hofstein, Ran WolfDorothea Otto            

These were created always in collaboration with talented people: developers, designers and  Illustrators.

Avi Bohbot, Lihie Jacob, Ori Succary, Mike Fayer, Koby Levi, Felix wasserstein



App Outline: iAlbums is a music player that gives you layers of information about the music you're listening to. Music player for iOS, semantic music and data browser, music based social network, music info aggregator. Process Objectives:  
  • To function as the main music player.
  • Easy access to player controls.
  • Innovative approach to data display.
  • Loyal to native iOS interaction.
  The challenge was to combine a music player and a music browser. The native iOS GPS app is used as an inspiration for the first UI draft, e.g., the zoom functionality is used to preview the library as genre based clusters, related artists and specific albums, while the "show me where I am" button takes the user back to the view and functionality of whatever is playing at the moment. The second draft made use of the Portrait/landscape view paradigm. Instead of allowing the same navigation options in a different layout as the classic player does, the cover flow was replaced by the information browsing functionality.

Created in 2011
as part of my position at
Succary Studio.