Web Design

A verity of websites I designed over the years. For Individuals, small businesses  and big organizations Some live examples can be found here: ORS collection, Upside, Gaia Club, Adva Hofstein, Ran WolfDorothea Otto            

Jerusalem Im-Possible

A virtual model of an ideal Jerusalem based on a participatory process of citizens who were asked to describe their ideal Jerusalem. The project was part of MIC Project (My Ideal City) commissioned by the EU and the Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem.

Four cities (Jerusalem, Copenhagen, Trento, and Lisbon) were invited to participate and create their ideal alter egos in the form of a quest game. Our Team dealt with the charged but fascinating Jerusalem. The result is a virtual city with familiar street corners but a different vibe. Visitors can walk the streets, meet others and converse with them through avatars.