Irit Blinder is a footwear designer and shoe maker. The visual identity was aimed at emphasizing the characteristic handmade style of her shoes – unique because of their imperfections. The Logo series was created by using graphic design methods and techniques which would match the process of manual shoe making.
Made in 2010


An identity developed for the fashion brand "Aluma". Aluma Klein the designer behind the brand needed a graphic language which would adequately represent her eclectic fashion line. Our work process produced a unique yet flexible aesthetics. A variety of items were created during our joint activity: seasonal catalogs, business cards, labels, a collection of postcards, stamps, a website and a web store.
Created in 2010

Loopix – baby carrier

Visual identity for a simple, self-explanatory and easy to use baby sling. Loopix is a one-piece baby carrier with no buckles or extra parts to knot. The logo, instructions and ecological packaging were all inspired by the basic "X" shaped carrier that can be simply used in any of its 4 directions.
Made in 2010